Over the last 100 years, Liechtenstein has developed from a simple agricultural country into a globally networked service and industrial location. It is a modern state that offers its inhabitants security, a high standard of living and an intact environment. Especially in today's times, such framework conditions cannot be taken for granted.

The „Lebenswertes Liechtenstein“ Foundation wants to contribute to ensuring that this remains the same way for future generations. Its goal is to launch or support projects and initiatives that advance Liechtenstein socially, ecologically, and also economically, and that are supported by a close collaboration between civil society, business, and government bodies. For a comprehensive safeguarding of Liechtenstein's future, which not only benefits the country itself, but should also has an impact beyond the State's borders.


The „Lebenswertes Liechtenstein“ Foundation is committed to the following principles in order to meet its own requirements and fulfill the Foundation's purpose in the best possible way.


The Foundation is a non-profit organization and therefore focuses its activities on strengthening and increasing the common good.


Lean administration and responsible use of available financial resources are fundamental to the foundation.


The foundation works closely with various strategic partners, institutions and organizations, placing a high value on both its own and external expertise and reliability.


In its work, the foundation is guided by the changing needs of the times, while also courageously creating space for fresh approaches and innovations.


The foundation is open-minded and politically neutral.
Focus topics


As a society, we have long since become accustomed to dense road networks, full flight schedules and our own car in front of the door. And on top of that, we have a well-developed public transport system. What often falls by the wayside is mental mobility.

Energy & Ressources

The world economy has grown steadily over the last 150 years - with some dramatic cuts. But our earth has not. Rather, we have exploited it and lived off its reserves.

Food & Agriculture

We are used to having tomatoes from Spain, strawberries from Egypt or even venison from New Zealand on the table. Food, however, is often not produced organically and has to be transported over thousands of kilometres.

Social Cohesion

Like everywhere else in the world, society in Liechtenstein is changing. Old structures break up and change, new ones are added. And often within just a few years.