Social Cohesion

Moving forward together

Like everywhere else in the world, the society in Liechtenstein is changing. Old structures break up and change, new ones are added. Often within just a few years. Many people react to this in an unsettled way, isolating themselves or others. However, a healthy, strong society thrives on other values: on social cohesion, lively exchange and open, democratic approaches.

Social cohesion is therefore also a focus of the work of the „Lebenswertes Liechtenstein“ Foundation. It supports initiatives and projects that strengthen the community and are conducive to a society in which everyone is accepted, has equal rights, and can participate in a self-determined manner.

Laufende Projekte

Sozialer Zusammenhalt

"Being able to work at the intersection of four such significant social issues is not only a professional challenge for me, but also incredibly meaningful on a personal level." FLURINA SEGER Managing Director
Flurina Seger
Managing director