Nutrition and Agriculture

Healthy living

We are used to having tomatoes from Spain, strawberries from Egypt or even venison from New Zealand on our plates. Those products, however, are often not produced organically and have to be transported over thousands of kilometers. And it is food that also grows and is harvested on our doorstep. High quality, sustainable and ecologically clean.

Starting in Liechtenstein, the „Lebenswertes Liechtenstein“ Foundation would like to link the areas of food & agriculture more closely than before. By supporting initiatives and projects that not only promote sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition in the regional area, but also understand them as one. To the benefit of all involved - from the farmer to the consumer.

Laufende Projekte

Ernährung & Landwirtschaft

"Why should we in Liechtenstein not try to simply exemplify in concrete terms what can serve as an inspiration and model for other countries as well?"
S.D. Prinz Max von und zu Liechtenstein