The non-profit Foundation "Lebenswertes Liechtenstein" (Liechtenstein worth living foundation) is the result of an initiative of private individuals, companies and institutions who, on the one hand, are closely rooted and connected to Liechtenstein, and on the other hand, want to provide valuable impulses for a future worth living beyond the country's borders.

The “Lebenswertes Liechtenstein” Foundation was established by the following founders:

  • Hilti Family Foundation

  • LGT Group Foundation

  • Anton-Martin Familienstiftung

  • First Advisory Group

  • Flora Gruner

  • Stiftung Fürstl. Kommerzienrat Guido Feger

  • Hoval Aktiengesellschaft

  • Kaiser Aktiengesellschaft

  • Florian Marxer

  • Herbert Ospelt Anstalt

  • Toni Hilti Stiftung

  • VP Bank Stiftung

  • Zukunftsstiftung der Liechtensteinischen Landesbank AG

Further supporters

  • The Suliman S. Olayan Foundation

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees determines the strategic principles and focus topics. It decides, among other things, in which fields of action the Foundation will be active and on the financing of the individual projects and initiatives. The Foundation Board itself is unpaid and is composed as follows:

S.D. Prinz Max von und zu Liechtenstein
Michèle Frey-Hilti
Vice chairwoman
Katja Rosenplänter-Marxer
Nadine Rebmann-Hilti
Werner Bachmann
Fabian Frick
Markus Kaiser
Johannes Matt

Administrative office

The administrative office is responsible for the operational business of the foundation. It is responsible for annual planning, but also develops the strategic direction of the Foundation in consultation with the Fundation Board.

In addition, the office is in constant contact with all cooperating partners, companies and institutions. It also moderates and accompanies the individual process steps that affect the foundation itself or related projects.

Flurina Seger
Managing director
Clarissa Rhomberg
Project manager
Florin Konrad
Project manager
Vera Wehrli
Simon Egger
Project manager
Partners & Network

We live in an increasingly globally networked world. Societal challenges can no longer be viewed or even solved in isolation, but require as holistic a view and approach as possible, as well as broad cooperation.

The “Lebenswertes Liechtenstein” Foundation therefore relies on an open dialogue between decision-makers, opinion leaders, as well as international experts from the most diverse areas of life, in order to be able to incorporate existing knowledge, but also completely new approaches to solutions, into its work. At the same time, we work closely with strategic partners, institutions and organizations to implement projects quickly and professionally. In this way, a constantly expanding, lively network is created, which is an essential basis for the long-term success of the foundation's work.


In addition, the Foundation is a member of the following institutions and initiatives:

"Today, Liechtenstein offers an exceptional quality of life on many levels. With our foundation, we want to play a part in ensuring that this remains so for future generations."
S.D. Prinz Max von und zu Liechtenstein